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2016-11-02 11:37:53

1: How can i contact VOSAIDI?
WhatsApp: +86-13128905085

2: I have a question concerning product ingredients.
If your question concerns a specific product, you have all the ingredients listed on the product packaging.

3: Do VOSAIDI products contain heavy metals?
At VOSAIDI, we do not add heavy metals, including lead, to our products. Additionally, trace elements of heavy metals are carefully checked in all raw materials to comply with strict regulations in the country in which they are sold, and ensure maximum product safety for consumers.

4: Are VOSAIDI products gluten free?
The following VOSAIDI products may contain gluten, or trace elements of gluten: Plasto Wax, Matte Lip, Mat Velvet+, Lift Concealer, Moisturizing Lip Balm and Duo Mat. To the best of our knowledge, the rest of our products are gluten-free based on the information provided by our raw materials suppliers.

5: How can i get sample?
Please email at